3 entities relation in ember-data



In my application, I need to set a relation between 3 database entities, I used a table to made the relation, but how I can show it to ember? I should make an endpoint for this relation?

Or there is something better? (almost use a transform?) I don’t know.



I think you’ll need to flesh out your question a bit. Could you provide more information about these entities and how they’re related?


Sorry, My english is not good.

I’ve got the three entitites:

A { name: Char }
B { name: Char }
C { name }

and the relation between this entities/models are:

R {
  a: ForeignKey(A),
  b: ForeignKey(B),
  c: ForeignKey(C)

The thing is: what’s the best solution when I get an object from a, to known all pair elements from B and C are related to A.