A Question About RTL Language in Comments/Messages


I knew months ago, that making your UI available for RTL (Right-To-Left) Languages is related to CSS layout.

But what if your UI layout is just available for English, and you have a users who write comments or send messages that have a mixed words of RTL and English. It appears very bad.

I would like to know what is the reason for this, and what is the technical part of the project that is responsible for this, and how to solve it if it possible.

What do you see? And sorry if this is not related to EmberJS, I still don’t know, but I need it.


Someone helped me with these two links If anyone is interested:

and of course I found that this issue is related to CSS layout.


Any idea about RTL in Ember. Do ember support RTL??

Please suggest any links to know about that.

Thanks in advance

Ember supports RTL roughly the same as any framework. In the end it comes down to your markup and styles being compatible (and has little to do with the framework itself).

Thanks for the info. Can you please suggest any links or documents or any sample to learn about this more.

What and How do work with this?

Thanks in advance.