Active list-item


I have want to display details about a model, say company. I have a route + controller called companies. Companies template displays a list-group of company names on one side of the screen. Each company looks has an action that transitions to which basically displays company name, address, telephone, etc on the same page with the list (I have a companies/company controller and route).

How can I mark in my list-group the list-grup-item as active that it’s currently selected?

Note that on entering, none is selected. I’m not using views at all, since I know they’re going away.


So it sounds like you’re going for a master/detail view, and in the master view (your index) you just want to show the item backing the detail panel?


Template companies/index will only be rendered when at route companies instead of companies/234234 (company id). The master is actually companies and detail is companies/company.


Anyone has any suggestion?



The problem was that I was using an action to do the transition and in my template I was had a <a>...</a> tag with my action.

I solved it by replacing {{link-to}} in my template and the action is no longer needed.