Addon for sending Excel Files to a REST API

I’ve been looking for a addon that will allow me to upload a a Excel file and send it to a rest api backend. I’ve seen a few addons for upload but they all seem to be for images. Any help would be appreciated.

I haven’t used it myself but have you looked at ember-file-upload? It looks very configurable (including support for arbitrary file types) and has a number of examples and nice things like test helpers.

I’ve tried that. It only seems to support images, gifs, video and audio files.

Looks like someone got it to work with .csv in this issue. I don’t see why any other type would be different.

I just tried it out in a new blank app and just had to change the accept argument to “.xlsx” and it seems to work as expected. Looks like it also supports mime types as well. I just used one of the recipes with slight modifications:

{{#file-dropzone name="spreadsheets" as |dropzone queue|}}
    {{#if dropzone.valid}}
      Drop to upload
  {{else if queue.files.length}}
    Uploading {{queue.files.length}} files. ({{queue.progress}}%)
    <h4>Upload stuff</h4>
      {{#if dropzone.supported}}
        Drag and drop spreadsheets onto this area to upload them or
      {{#file-upload name="spreadsheets"
                     onfileadd=(action "uploadSpreadsheet")}}
        <a tabindex=0>Add a spreadsheet.</a>

Are you able to actually get a excel file to upload to a API? I’ve been trying and cant get it to connect

Hmmm didn’t try that (don’t have a working API atm) but I would think that would be a separate issue… when you say you can’t get it to connect are you getting an HTTP error or something?