All beware of Jimmy Smith


Hi There,

I just noticed a Jimmy Smith @developerusa answering job posts on this forum. I suspect that this is the same Jimmy Smith who I hired 2 years ago to work on a project with a client.

He was hired on an iOS project. Too late into the project, it became apparent that he didn’t actually write any of the code. He outsourced the work to developers in India and collected US rates. He lied about someone on his team to collect payment for two people. This person turned out to be an Apple support tech who had no development experience.

When it became apparent that he was a scammer, he threatened to release the project source code on Hacker News.

This person cost us a relationship with a very good client and all of the delivered code had to be rewritten.

Beware, do not hire Jimmy Smith.

Taras Mankovski


Scamming is a real problem with the rise of the internet. I wish there was a platform where you uploaded a picture of your real photo ID, from whatever country/state, and can receive and post reviews. It’s like a free background check, plus reviews. Making a small valid payment would also be verification, along with connecting social network profiles…