Animation support in Ember 1.1

I’m a little confused what problem is being solved by this proposal. I agree there is a problem, but this solution attempts to dictate too much to the developer. I don’t want Ember touching (or caring about) my styles. Ever.

Truthfully, it seems like the problem proposed is a marketing problem. I love Ember because it has very carefully regulated which problems it attempts to solve. Sometimes that makes it less flashy than other libraries from a very high level…but that’s entirely beside the point.

I use animations / transitions very liberally in my applications and the only real problem I have is that I don’t get to tell Ember when it’s okay to remove a view from the DOM. Some nice to haves would include built in handling for transition and animation events in the view (animationEnd and transitionEnd, for example).

If I’m understanding it correctly, @tchak 's solution seems create the tools I need to do this and doesn’t seem terribly complicated.