Anybody heard of


Looks simply amazing for mobile apps development. But they have AngularJS overload code in it


What is it? The about page throws an error. Not terribly comforting.


I heard about it from some clients a while ago but it really cracks me up they make you wait 25 minutes to let you watch their youtube video.


I have been tracking since December 2013. I met the players and saw the demos but I did not get my hands on the code till today…

To me: It’s a very cool javascript library that bypasses a lot of poorly integrated code in browsers to create mind-blowing rendering performance…

Interested? Visit and sign up for access…


It looks like everything I wanted from Ember (ambition to be Cocoa for the web), pity it doesn’t yet have a plugin ecosystem.


we already started to think about implementation. From our side we think its more easy to integrate after htmlbars has landed. If someone want to support us please pm me.

#7 is live and angular also ( ).

What do you think: whait for htmlbars?

or start right now with the integration into handlebars?


here some first working syntax examples

still a lot todo but this already works


first tests of implemetation are here


That’s awesome! Are you developing it on Github? If so, I’d love to take a look at how you’re tying the two together.


not at the moment. i will setup a repro later today. But please keep in mind this is still very POC.

a new test is also online ->


repro is created and can be found here:


Has anyone heard any news about the integration?


overall it works and we already have a new clean version here. The last problem we have and don’t get any answer from the guys can be found here:

As soon we get any solution here we can start roll it out over github. If someone can help to workaround or find a good solution please feel free to contact us.


Any update on this? Seems like that issue got closed…anyone managed to have a successful integration of Ember CLI with

#16 0.3.0 introduced “global-seed” thing so you can use Famous without require:

var Engine = famous.core.Engine;
var Modifier = famous.core.Modifier;
var Transform = famous.core.Transform;

Checkout global-seed directory in new started kit

Now it should be easier to integrate with ember-cli.


Hey Artem! @H1D

I remember going through your Ember fest slides. Do you have a recent github repo of a recent project that you can share?



No, I haven’t done anything new since EmberFest

It’s really hard to get something serious going on femous+ember right now. 2 reasons:

  1. is still very raw
  2. HTMLBars not here yet

Don’t get me wrong I think is fantastic but I haven’t seen any production ready stuff built with yet.


I heard this on JavaScript Jabber. is working on integration with Ember that will be released “soon”.


Woah! Is JavaScript Jabber back up again? I thought it died when Jason left doing it…

Thanks for the info, I have some catching up to do now…