Best practices for article/review components

I’m setting up a site where a certain productline will be reviewed and can be rated by site visitors. I plan to make bi-weekly reviews, but I’m a bit lost on how to go about setting up a proper blueprint for the articles. It’s not a matter of properties of the model, but the body in particular.

Typically, a review will contain a summary, specifications, some pictures and a bunch of text, ending with a summary and a score. I can make a property for each of them to put some logic in the storage (firebase), but what bothers me is the component approach. Having a single component generates the article with different data and pics, but will always have the same layout, bar text length differences.

I have looked around, but can’t really find anything on the topic. All google searches containing ‘blog’ or ‘article’ inevitably end up with endless results about your typical ‘start your blog for free here’ rubbish.

Is there a best-practice for this kind of thing, and by extension, for an ember environment ? I can’t imagine having to resort to old-school html editing, ending up with hundreds of components in the long run…

Take a look at my exampe. demo: