Call to newbies and former newbies for your cookbook wishlist

I’d love to see an official easy-to-find style guide ala

Yes, we have this, but it’s surprisingly buried and not as well fleshed out

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I totally agree. For me it was (and still is) hard to understand the “why” behind many concepts. I’m a software developer and for me the “why” is very important. Okay the “how” is also interesting and helpful but it often leaves me with a bad feeling. This bad feeling comes from the fact that I can not rate the solution if I don’t get the “why”.

Just compare these two styleguides. The Angular guide always states explicitly the “why”. I also think that the Angular styleguide is much more comprehensive. I think the Angular community discusses the “why” much more in detail. Just see the ng-conf 2015 videos.

As I’m a software developer and not a lego-player I would love to see much more discussions about the “why” also in Ember. Despite Ember is opinontated there are so many ways to achieve the same thing. So discussions about best practices and common Ember patterns would help me to evolve my coding skills. Also I would get more trust in my code when I know it follows widely acknowledged patterns.

Nevertheless I think a cookbook is very handy. Especially combined with some styleguide/best practice-guide/patterns-guide. The cookbook would help to achieve things quickly and the “guide” would help to understand “why” the given solution is great. The cookbook could also help in the other way round. Sometimes a abstract concept found in the guide is easier to understand if you see it applied to a concrete example.

I think a cookbook could be really valuable but not just as Lego-box. But this is only my point of view.

That seems like it would make way more sense! When is that coming do you know?

Officially, June 12th with 2.0. You can already use the majority of the new syntax now though to ease with the transition. Can someone paste the future-proofing gist? (I’m on my phone)

Startup’s suggestions are great. Some of mine:

A couple specific widgets that could illustrate a lot of concepts:

  • An interactive map (detail popups, hover interaction, draggable pins that persist, etc)
  • A table with sortable filterable columns and pagination that can efficiently handle large data sets and allows inline editing or items.

General concepts:

  • Authentication
  • Some deeply nested data model
  • What to do with services and why
  • File uploading
  • Loading routes (spinners) / user friendly forms

Also a guide to testing and examples!


Hey @kylecoberly is there any documentation about this? I’d love to do away with Views/Controllers now if I could! Thanks!

Also good to have would be guide on adding custom patterns to Ember Resolver for implementing extra organization in (say) your components in larger projects.

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Hullo friends,

Great news! Ember NYC got back to me and it sounds like a hackathon style project night, to put together some recipes, is going to happen. I’m going to collate this post into a list so please put in any other pain points you have if you want to have a shot at it being resolved into a recipe during the hackathon. If you want to participate keep an eye on the Ember NYC project night meetup, I’ll post it on here as well when I know the exact timing and details.

Here is the collated list of suggestions from this post that will be used for the cookbook hackathon

It should be viewable and commentable by anyone so feel free to add things in.

The project night is now up on meetup as well

Look forward to seeing ya’ll there!

For a change I’ll share my implementations of some of problems raised here:

Service that loads heavy JS lib returned by _includedJsPath (in this case zxcvbn.js) and fulfills promise when this happens:

Custom adapter.js defining headers hook for reading cookie with CSRF token for inclusion in ajax:

Custom resolver implementation extending existing one, that loads components ending with -form in /forms/ subdirectory:

app.js definition using this resolver instead of default one:

If anyone wants to go from there to turn code I’ve linked to into libs/guides/recipes, then consider files I’ve linked MIT licensed. :]

I don’t know if this list is up to date but maybe would be interesting to check if those examples could be included in the cookbook.

Thanks, this is awesome!

Reminded me to share my cookbook recipe here as well.

I would love a tutorial that uses Ember-CLI and walks through setting up a small app for the real world. This would include authorization and nested views. I would also like to see a write up on how to integrate Ember into a mobile framework.

Did this call for recipes make it into some collection or book or repo eventually? I’ve been checking in on if for a year - but is this thread supposed to be the final product or is there something official to look at? Thanks.

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