Chan.join(...).receive(...).receive(...).receive(...).after is not a function


why this code (from example of working code for phoenix <> ember websockets ) is not working?

			           .receive("error", resp => { console.log("error on JOIN", resp) } )
					   .receive("ignore", resp => { console.log("auth error", resp) } )
			           .receive("ok", resp => { console.log("join ok", resp) } )
			           .after(10000, resp => { console.log("Connection interruption", resp) })

I’m getting “chan.join(…).receive(…).receive(…).receive(…).after is not a function” error

If I use just one .receive - it works

How to change items in array property and render the change?

solved: there was no .after function in the object, should be removed. multiple .receive worked fine