CSS size getting bigger

Hi . I wondor this issue.

My project is quite big so, css is currently apart from source code with a certain addon and it is managed separately with source code. Also source code is consisted of many domain addons for certain purposes. when this project is built, this css-addon goes to vendor.css. At the moment its size is nearly 1.2Mbyte and it’s getting bigger.

So here is my question. Do I need to put back this commonly managed css in each domain styles folder?

When I built the project for a css test, each-seperately-located css also went to vendor.css after all. But the thing I’m worried about is the rendering performances, build time or so, when managing all css altogether in common-addon.

All your CSS defined in addon/styles/addon.css is automatically put into the vendor.css file and included in the app. I’m not quite sure I understand the question, though?