Did you order your Ember Hoodie v2 yet? Why not?

DevSwag is doing a new version of the Ember hoodie, and they need 30 orders for any to actually happen. 8 days left and we’re 9 orders short. I really want my hoodie so I hope someone here have just missed it and will take this opportunity to make the project hit the target of 30!

It is also my understanding that the profit from this will go to the Ember project itself, so you’ll help out and look good doing it. :slight_smile:

I haven’t ordered one simply because I have the v1 hoodie. I wanted to wait to get some feedback on the v2 hoodies before ordering one to make sure the pilling issue isn’t as bad.

I saw they wrote something about that. I didn’t even know about the v1 before I heard about the v2 so I haven’t experienced that myself, but hopefully 7 more people will order so that we can find out. :slight_smile:

Seems like the hoodie made the minimum, so now we play the waiting game!

Thanks to whoever brought up the Hoodie at the start of the Ember-NYC meetup. :smiley: