Duplicate events with ember-websockets


Hello guys!

I have been trying for a couple of days now to get the addon ember-websockets to work but haven’t been able to.

When the client sends an event to the server and the server replies the client will receive 5 events. The if the client sends another message, when the server replies the client will receive 11 events, and then 26, and so on…

I have tried with different browsers, I have tried ws and socket.io on the server. I have tried the sample code found on the ember-websockets documentation with ws and with socket.io but I have the same problem. I have tried placing the socket.io server outside of my network but I have the same problem!

Has anybody has the same issue? Am I missing something here?



You should open an issue against this specific project.


already did. I just wanted to know if somebody else has a similar experience or if I was missing something