EAK and Model Objects


Seeing some odd behavior and i’m not 100% what is “up”… probably a mix of serializers/transforms/eak etc.

have this model object:

var Dashboard = DS.Model.extend({
    title: DS.attr('string'),
    user: DS.attr('string'),
    layout: DS.attr('dashboardLayout'),
    layoutVersion: DS.attr('string'),
    refreshIntervalSeconds: DS.attr('number', {defaultValue:300}),
    timeRangeStartOrEnd: DS.attr('boolean', {defaultValue:false}),
    timeRangeWhenOffset: DS.attr('number', {defaultValue:0}),
    timeRangeDuration: DS.attr('number', {defaultValue:900}),
    widgets: DS.hasMany('widget'),
    creationUnixOffset: DS.attr('number'),
    isLastDashboard: DS.attr('boolean', {defaultValue:false})

I have this transform:

import Layout from 'appkit/utils/layout';

var DashboardLayoutTransform = DS.Transform.extend({
    serialize: function(value) {
        return value.layout;
    deserialize: function(value) {
        return new Layout(value);

export default DashboardLayoutTransform;

So… when I go into the EMber Data inspector tab… in the non-eak version, I go to a Dashboard, and its layout is an Ember.Object w/ a few nice properties.

In the EAK version, I layout is an “unknown mixin” with all the functions of my layout object etc… (Layout is an Ember.Object).

Anyone have a clue about why this could be?