Ember-cli rebuild alternative on windows due to slowness?

I run Windows 8.1 without Defender, I have NOD32 instead.

I’ve done official recomendation and tried ember-cli-windows-addon and ember-cli-windows but it did not helped (at least noticeably).

But when I run ember server with admin privileges it builds 6 times faster. WTF?

Change without admin:

Build successful - 27588ms.

Slowest Trees                  | Total
TreeMerger (appAndDependencies) | 5612ms
TreeMerger (stylesAndVendor)   | 5393ms
TreeMerger (ExternalTree)      | 5015ms
CustomStaticCompiler           | 3097ms

The same change with admin rights:

Build successful - 4300ms.

Slowest Trees                  | Total
Funnel: App JS Files           | 615ms
Concat: Vendor                 | 458ms
TreeMerger (appAndDependencies) | 353ms
TreeMerger (vendor)            | 351ms
ES6: App Tree                  | 347ms
SourcemapConcat                | 260ms
Concat: Test Support JS        | 252ms
SourcemapConcat                | 243ms