Ember Data in the Wild

Good evening, is this book still relevant to Octane?

It doesn’t look like it based on the sample, but that said the main difference will be mostly cosmetic: you’ll want to use native class syntax instead of Ember classes like in the book. Ember Data hasn’t changed very much with Octane so other than needing to translate the class syntax the content in the book should be pretty much the same.

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Hello @stevencahilldev! I am the author of the book. I am actually in the process of updating all of the examples to native class syntax. Like @dknutsen said, Ember Data hasn’t changed very much, so all of the content is still relevant, but the examples use “classic” syntax.


Thank you for your reply

Thank you for you reply, look forward to the update. I assume if I buy the current edition the updated version will be available free of charge.


Yup, that is correct!

Thank you for taking the time to reply, looking forward to reading this tonight.

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Really good book too!

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