Ember, Flows, DCI & MVC

So all this talk of flows and state machines (so far I’ve watched the ember conf keynote, and also @nathanhammond 's presentation) and whatnot that seemed to be a major thrust at EmberConf is quite interesting… I was wondering if people were aware that the father of the MVC pattern has been quite concerned with this idea of object composition and what has happened to OOP and MVC for quite some time, and has been hard at work creating another paradigm called DCI (Data, Context & Interactions)…

I think there’s something really valuable here and it seems to be working on a similar line as this flow discussion/ideation.

I’d love for people to check it out and let me know their impressions: Trygve Reenskaug’s DCI: Trygve Reenskaug - DCI: Re-thinking the foundations of object orientation and of programming on Vimeo

cc/ @tomdale @wycats

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