Ember.js Templates


There are some really awesome templates for angular.js out there like: http://themicon.co/theme/angle/#/app/dashboard

Are there any comparable themes available for ember.js? A theme with the functionality like the one above would save heaps of time when quickly building bootstrapped apps.

Just to be specific are there any themes that support full ember integration with things like:

  • components for modals, datepickers, graphs
  • animation between routes
  • auth protected routes & login
  • internationalisation i8n
  • form validation

Please let me know if there is anything out there right now for ember.js :smile: I really appreciate your help. I can’t deal with the angular community coming out with all these cool libraries & templates, when the core philosophy behind ember is just soo much better.

Thanks, Paul


There is libraries and projects for everything of what you are asking for. Just google for “ember datepicker”, “ember i18n”, “ember form validation”, …

I haven’t found an all-in-one project yet, but I would not be using that for developing in anyway. It would be to dependend on one team, the projects listed are all driven by individuals and they don’t leave anything to ask for - it’s very focused!

The one big thing that can do everything is my app build with ember-cli and all those other projects included :wink:


@Preexo thanks for the comment.

I agree that all the components to build a dashboard like the one I linked exist. In fact you’re not the only one. I’ve done it as well, but instead of paying $20 I’ve spent weeks putting everything together :open_mouth: .

Would be great to see more bootstrap-able themes for ember on the market :blush: Even just a ember boilerplate template that includes everything (datepicker, i8n, validation) would be great!!!

:thought_balloon: :thought_balloon: :thought_balloon: :thought_balloon: Maybe I should release a template??? :thought_balloon: :thought_balloon: :thought_balloon: :thought_balloon:

Oh well if there is anyone who wants to make some money I’ll give them my money for this… and I am sure others would.

I really think this would be great for everyone in the ember community.