EmberJS Hybrid app : Click link to open another android/ios app

Objective : Click a link on the EmberJS (template) page of a hybrid app and it should open another android/ios app installed on the phone.

The below code is in ExpressJS. I want to achieve the same in EmberJS. Tried searching over the internet and tutorials a lot but just couldn’t find anything that works.

var express = require(‘express’); var deeplink = require(‘node-deeplink’)

var app = express();

app.get(’/deeplink’, deeplink({ fallback: ‘https://cupsapp.com’, android_package_name: ‘com.citylifeapps.cups’, ios_store_link: ‘https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cups-unlimited-coffee/id556462755?mt=8&uo=4’, }));