FastBoot whitelist

According to the FastBoot guide here

Because path is built-in, I don’t need to add it to my dependencies. But because redis comes from npm, I need to add it as a dependency. In both cases, I must explicitly whitelist that both are available to the Ember app.

How strict is the you need to add it as a dependency part explicitly? In my case, I want to use package_b which is a dependency of package_a. However, I only have package_a in my addon’s dependencies since package_b is already downloaded due to the former.

Now, I added package_b in my fastbootDependencies and it works. Although I’m worried that there may be some edge-case here that could happen. Is what I’m doing safe? :slight_smile:

When it comes to the topic of using transitive dependencies without adding it as a direct dependency, the common consensus is to be explicit about it :slight_smile:

Your code will continue to work until package_a still depends on package_b. Eventually if the author of package_a decides to remove package_b, the app would break.

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Good to know. In my case, I’m author of both package where I have an ecosystem of package that builds upon package_a so it wouldn’t be removed as dependencies. Thanks!