How to create a basic ember application step by step

What all things are basically required for creating a basic ember app

Hi anaspm! The official guides got much better, so I would start there.

Alternatively, here’s an updated, step-by-step tutorial that you may find useful, too.

Also, in addition to what others have said, Rock and Roll with Ember.js is a great guide.

when I go through official tutorial, I got struck at Model concept and how it is connected to model() hook in router and a json file.

I have scenario in which I need a simple app which will display student details from a json file, It also takes input from template and save to json.

Could you give me a clear demo.

And give me an idea on how I can proceed with it.

Have you gone through the tutorial at Ember Igniter? If you are stuck there, let me know in the comments!

yes I have gone through I cannot understand the relationships between ember data store, ember model and a particular route.

And in your todo app how can I use a json files to store todos and how to retrieve it, update and delete it???