How to populate my list fromwebservice and how to handle list events in ember.js


Hi every body, i am requested to use ember.js with spring-mvc, spring-security , hibernate jpa and restfull web service with mysql database. In my application i have two interfaces, the first one is the login page, when i successfully login i am redirected to the page that contains 3 select list that i have to populate them from rest web service. when i select an item from the first list the second list have to change, when i select the second the third list have to be upadated too. I have configured my application, the authetification from database goes well.I am newbie to ember i don’t know how to handle the events of the lists. Can someone please have an exemple on how to handle list events and how to populate my list with data from the webservice. Thanks in advance and sorry if i wrote a lot.


I have similar questions regarding ember.js and Spring Security. I’ve done some Angular.js in the past, but never to the point of securing it. I can find a lot of information on that on the web and youtube. But Ember really has me interested in using it. In the past I’ve used form based login and used the Spring security tags in my views.

What I would like to know are the following.

  • What is the best way to set up Spring Security 4 for use with an Ember.js application?
  • What do I need to do on the Ember.js site to handle authentication and authorization? Do I need to create some sort of object that contains authentication information? Once authenticated via Spring, would ember also know of the roles a user has or does this require a separate request?

I am by no means a Spring expert, but I know a good bit. I’m a Java dev by day, but most of the stuff I currently work on is generated server side. I would really like to get into working with SPAs, more specifically Ember.js. Angular is cool, but I like the design philosophy behind Ember.

Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thanks! John