How to set layoutName for all views except one


Hi, i’m trying to set the “layoutName” property for all views except one or two. I don’t have the view files, only its templates. And until now the only way i found to do this is to create a view file for each template and code the layoutName there.

Is there any way to do this like the ideas below?

  if(layoutName != "otherView"){
    view.layoutName = "myLayout";


Nope, you need to create the view classes to achieve that. Ember.View is used lots internally and overriding layoutName globally will break everything.


Thanks for helping me out. Would you mind to take a look at infinite loop between Ember.View.extend and Ember.View.reopen and give your oppinion again? It’s basically the same thing, but in my tryings to acomplish this i ended up with another interesting side effect.


It will not work - you tried to do it anyway but it won’t work. You cannot do it. You have to specify it manually for the views you want it for.