How to view ember rendered page offline?

Hi, I am trying to save a website for offline viewing. I noticed after looking in Chrome Developer Tools that the site uses ember-fastboot-cli for rendering.

So I saved the webpage and all its resources. When I load the page offline it loads all text and images, but everything related to javascript media players doesn’t work. The JS players contains ember class names, so I figure there is something going on with ember where it is trying to connect to the server where I loaded and saved the page from, even though I don’t want the offline page to have any interaction with the server. I just want to view the page and have the javascript players work offline.

When I click on the players play button, I notice that it isn’t triggering any javascript. Compared with online page which undergoes a number of updates to the player elements.

In the Chrome console I see this error:

Error: Adapter operation failed at e.n (file:///front_end/assets/vendor-f236bb820c73326c84e62b995b10253d.js:9:21179) at new e (file:///front_end/assets/vendor-f236bb820c73326c84e62b995b10253d.js:20:26303) at handleResponse (file:///front_end/assets/vendor-f236bb820c73326c84e62b995b10253d.js:21:18111) at h.c.error (file:///ront_end/assets/vendor-f236bb820c73326c84e62b995b10253d.js:21:18727) at c (file:///front_end/assets/vendor-f236bb820c73326c84e62b995b10253d.js:2:28782) at Object.fireWith [as rejectWith] (file:///front_end/assets/vendor-f236bb820c73326c84e62b995b10253d.js:2:29594) at n (file:///front_end/assets/vendor-f236bb820c73326c84e62b995b10253d.js:4:11580) at t (file:///front_end/assets/vendor-f236bb820c73326c84e62b995b10253d.js:4:17762) s @ vendor-f236bb820c73326c84e62b995b10253d.js:13 bocce-b56a05fd406e473dfe61d82b8873aab2.js:1

So I guess the question really comes down to this: How can I completely disengage ember from the saved webpage?

Thanks, Brian