Import routers with it functions to services


Is it possible to import route like ember.router in service to call router functions.

For exmaple I have router with CanMixin:
export default Ember.Router.extend(CanMixing,{ … canVisit(){ return this.can(‘veiw page’); } … })

and I want use router.canVist() in my service, and not only this one router. The idea to import all routes in one servise and call this services in the moment of authorization to check possibility does user can visit some pages


Hello @1117,

There is actually a router service added a while ago on the 2.15 release. But I don’t think that’s what you wanted.

I would recommend taking a different approach for handling authorization and prevent putting that logic in the routes. You could accomplish the same by using Abilities provided by ember-can. Those are easier to access and share across your app (and easier to test too).

Bonus: You may also want to take a look at ember-route-constraints


Hello @esbanarango, Yes I’am use Abilities from ember-can in my route. But it work with the next algoritm User go to some page where I have route with checking can this user view. And it work through Abilities from ember can.

But my is in another logic. User on authorized controller. And I want to find what page he can visit. For this I can get all user permission and try in loop compare it with some static array like const pages=[ { permision: 'view page', route: 'route_to_page' }] and use ember can for this compare. When I find that user can visit some page I break the loop and make transitionTo(route) . It’s not look cool. And I wan’t to use for this function from my routes. Because there are already this logic. And I want to import this routes to service. import routePage from 'path_to_route_page'; import routeComment from 'path_to_route_comment'; pages = [{ route: routePage; path: 'route_path' }, { route: routePage; path: 'route_path}] And call in loop like: if(route[i].canVisit()){ transitionTo() }