Label are disabling while upgrading Ember version

I’m upgrading the ember from 1.4.0 to 1.12. While upgrading labels are not showing

This is my code for corresponding HBR file

{{#if view.disclosed}}
    <div class="checkbox-set">
        <ul class="check-list">
            {{#each location in view.options }}
                {{#if location.display}}
                    <li class="check-list-entry location" {{bind-attr title="location.managedObject.label"}}>
                        {{#view view.Checkbox label="" checked=location.checked}}
                            {{mo-icon location.managedObject size=20}}
                        {{view view.RemoveButton location=location}}
        {{icon "add" click=view.addLocation}}

I need to enable the label details by using the above HBR file code.