Quotes around itemViewClass in each helper?

In the ember 1.0rc8 release notes it says something to the effect of “Again, quotes for strings, no quotes for paths.” I recently tried migrating my app from ember1.0 to ember1.1.2 and am seeing an error with an each helper that is instantiating an itemViewClass with the following syntax:

 {{#each harddriveSelector in view.harddriveSelectors itemViewClass=view.harddrivesSelectorView}}

This works fine in ember1.0 but is throwing errors in ember1.1+. My thinking is that sense view.harddrivesSelectorView is a path then it shouldn’t be quoted. But after upgrading to ember1.1.1 and ember1.1.2 this is causing a problem and throwing errors. Placing view.harddriveSelectorView in quotes fixes it. Am I not understanding the release notes correctly or is this an actual ember bug?