Readers' Questions: "Why does Ember still use RSVP?"


nice to have utility functions to make that shorter and clearer

In general, I agree, but (tiny bit of devil’s advocate here) I do wonder if that lends credence to the idea that Ember has a “lot to learn”. Cause even utility functions that make things nicer have to be learned before being used. I’ve used the above Promise.all pattern in a number of different frameworks, so it didn’t even occur to me to look for the hash functionality until I saw people discussing it in conversation.


should we RFC to recommend not using RSVP, aside from utility functions like .hash?

Like, only warn about using promises without RSVP if the build target doesn’t natively have promises?


I’m not suggesting it should be built into Ember, I’m suggesting that a tiny, plain-Javascript library can and should do the job. Any people would only add it if they want it.


So it sounds like this is in the (near) future. Is there an RFC, a quest issue, and/or a pull request we can subscribe to to track this? Or is it already in canary/beta/stable? My biggest confusion around all of this is when the autorun will be embraced and how we can track when it happens.


It’s already in 3.4 stable.