Repo as a blueprint (boilerplate) for authoring components to distribute

What I like about this blueprint is that it makes me happy to have tooling for:

  • a test runner using testem,
  • setup for using ember-qunit,
  • an example component using a custom container for testing
  • live reload
  • simple setup, install with npm install
  • broccoli setup for distributing amd, cjs, global versions using ./grunt dist
  • broccoli setup for using sass, coffee too
  • simple to launch, ./testem kicks off, and reloads when broccoli rebuilds, uses broccoli watcher for app changes and testem watched test files
  • an example app to share working demo served on same port as testem
  • tests execute on http://localhost:7357/
  • example app at http://localhost:7357/examples/index.html
  • authoring with es6 modules
  • using ic-styles
  • Travis CI works using ./node_modules/.bin/testem ci

I used the blueprint for this project and I was very happy developing a micro lib with this blueprint setup.

My questions for anyone creating and sharing Ember components are:

  • Are you using a custom tagname for your component?
  • How about using ic-styles for the css?
  • Travis ci setup?
  • How about using testem to drive the tests?
  • How about distributing amd, cjs, along with global?

As a community if we come up with a strong boilerplate for authoring and distributing Ember Components we are all better off.