Return object after delete collection

When i’m deleting one collection in my MongoDB, i’m receiving this output:

{ result: 
   { ok: 1,
     n: 1,
     lastOp: Timestamp { _bsontype: 'Timestamp', low_: 1, high_: 1448429280 },
     electionId: 562020eaa64d1ba4e7af6f2a },
   EventEmitter {
     domain: null,
      { close: [Object],
        error: [Object],
        timeout: [Object],
        parseError: [Object],
        connect: [Function] },
     _eventsCount: 5,
     _maxListeners: undefined,
      { socketOptions: {},
        auto_reconnect: true,
        host: '',
        port: 53698,
        cursorFactory: [Object],
        reconnect: true,
        emitError: true,
        size: 5,
        disconnectHandler: [Object],
        bson: {},
        messageHandler: [Function],
        wireProtocolHandler: {} },
     id: 3,
     logger: { className: 'Connection' },
     bson: {},
     tag: undefined,
     messageHandler: [Function],
     maxBsonMessageSize: 67108864,
     port: 53698,
     host: '',
     keepAlive: true,
     keepAliveInitialDelay: 0,
     noDelay: true,
     connectionTimeout: 0,
     socketTimeout: 0,
     destroyed: false,
     domainSocket: false,
     singleBufferSerializtion: true,
     serializationFunction: 'toBinUnified',
     ca: null,
     cert: null,
     key: null,
     passphrase: null,
     ssl: false,
     rejectUnauthorized: false,
     responseOptions: { promoteLongs: true },
     flushing: false,
     queue: [],
      Socket {
        _connecting: false,
        _hadError: false,
        _handle: [Object],
        _parent: null,
        _host: '',
        _readableState: [Object],
        readable: true,
        domain: null,
        _events: [Object],
        _eventsCount: 8,
        _maxListeners: undefined,
        _writableState: [Object],
        writable: true,
        allowHalfOpen: false,
        destroyed: false,
        bytesRead: 509,
        _bytesDispatched: 682,
        _sockname: null,
        _pendingData: null,
        _pendingEncoding: '',
        _idleNext: null,
        _idlePrev: null,
        _idleTimeout: -1,
        read: [Function],
        _consuming: true },
     writeStream: null,
     buffer: null,
     sizeOfMessage: 0,
     bytesRead: 0,
     stubBuffer: null } }

And ember is complaining about it. When i delete, the delete will happen… but will also pop up this error:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined
    at Object.func (ember.debug.js:39371)
    at Object.Cache.get (ember.debug.js:13297)
    at decamelize (ember.debug.js:39408)
    at Object.func (ember.debug.js:39328)
    at Object.Cache.get (ember.debug.js:13297)
    at Object.dasherize (ember.debug.js:39412)
    at ember$data$lib$system$normalize$model$name$$normalizeModelName (normalize-model-name.js:13)
    at ember$data$lib$serializers$json$serializer$$default.extend.modelNameFromPayloadKey (json-api-serializer.js:272)
    at ember$data$lib$serializers$json$serializer$$default.extend._normalizeResourceHelper (json-api-serializer.js:149)
    at ember$data$lib$serializers$json$serializer$$default.extend._normalizeDocumentHelper (json-api-serializer.js:118)

And the return response is:


This is happening when i try to edit, too.

What should me the response object? Is this wrong??

Thanks guys.

What Ember Data serializer are you using?


I was able to fix it. Can this post be deleted?

Thanks anyway.

This post shouldn’t be deleted, and if you don’t mind please share how you solve this problem, so others can find answer if they encounter the same.

I don’t, but i believe my problem was not related to ember. My API was sending wrong response for POST and DELETE requests.

POST -> Send new object
DELETE -> Send just 404 response