Run specific code only first time into route


how can I run a function only the first time user goes in the route?

I’ve seen something about ‘one’ method but I don’t find any examples of how to use it.

I’tried this code:

doSomething: function() { console.log('doSomething for phonebook'); }.one('activate'),

but i get this error

Uncaught TypeError: (intermediate value)(intermediate value).one is not a function
doSomething: function() { console.log('doSomething'); }.on('init')

init → only first time (when the route singleton is initialized)

activate → everytime the route is entered (but not when its model changes)

@spectras thank you for answer. on(‘init’) run the function when application starts up, even if i’m not in the route. I need something to run the code only the first time the users goes into the route. If the user never goes into the route i don’t have to run the code.

Then on(‘activate’) will do. Set a flag the first time it is called so you don’t run the code again.

doSomething: function() {
    if (!this._didSomethingAlready) {
        this._didSomethingAlready = true;
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@spectras it works. thank you.


The model on route is cached after first load. So the model hook of the route is only called once.

It may not be called at all, if entering the route with a transition/link-to that specified a model. Or, on the other hand, it will be called everytime a transition/link-to is done with a string/number instead of a model.