Send transactional emails through Mandrill

Hey, I’ve just implemented ember-cli-mandrill addon that allows you to easily send transactional emails in your web apps through Mandrill SMTP server using their API.

It is drop-in-and-use solution with clear and understandable developer API that is easy to grasp.

Please check out at ember-cli-mandrill@github and ember-cli-mandrill@npm.

Install it with in your ember-cli app

ember install ember-cli-mandrill

Feel free to comment, contribute or post suggestions/errors. If you have questions, I’ll be glad to answer.

Also, if you need an addon or some specific implementation - drop me a line, I am really interested in developing for Ember.

Just updated the ember-cli-mandrill to 0.2.0 version by adding Users Calls Mandrill API.

Also planning on implementing other Mandrill API Calls very soon.