Session-Roles are not working properly in Ember-Rails application

I am using below gems for implementing session and role functionalities in my App. ember-rails (0.18.3) devise (3.5.1) rolify (4.0.0) authority (3.0.0) rails (4.1.16) ember-source (~> 1.6.1) Ember - 1.8.0

Problem: I can handle the sessions and roles accurately in one tab. However, if I open the app in another window or tab, my session/role functionalities fail in the original tab. I can see all the buttons and fields as a user role which should be visible to the admin role only. This problem is resolved when I click the refresh button on the original tab, however the other tabs fail in this situation.

This is a code snippet in my upload.js.hbs.hamlbars.erb file

  = hb 'if session.isuser' do
    = hb 'link-to "file_uploads"' do
      File Upload

This is a code snippet in my file

MyInventoryApp.CustomAuthenticator = Ember.SimpleAuth.Authenticators.Base.extend(
  authenticate: (credentials) ->
    _this = @
    return new Ember.RSVP.Promise((resolve, reject) ->
      data = {}
      return Ember.$.ajax({
        url:        '/api/v1/sessions',
        type:       'GET',
        data:       data,
        dataType:   'json',
        beforeSend: (xhr, settings) ->
          xhr.setRequestHeader('Accept', settings.accepts.json)
      }).then( (response) ->
        roles = ( for r in response.user.roles) ->
          resolve (
            uid: response.user.uid
            roles: roles
            isadmin: roles.contains('admin')
            isuser: roles.contains('user')
      , (xhr, status, error) -> ->
          reject(xhr.responseJSON || xhr.responseText)
  restore: (data) ->
    return new Ember.RSVP.Promise( (resolve, reject) ->
          if !Ember.isEmpty(data.uid)