Storing route references in the database

Is there currently any way to store and render a link-to within the database? A use case here would involve linking between two “page” models within each “page” model’s content. The cleanest implementation would simply store a reference to the model and id, and allowing the template to interpret the link-to literally.

The current alternative is to simply hard-code the link, but this will always result in a page reload.

Thoughts? Ideas?

I should also mention that I was disappointed to notice opens entirely new tabs or has to deal with the page refresh for each internal link (cross referenced story). So perhaps there is no good solution here. But this seems like a pretty large miss.

Nevermind… after a bit of thinking, I’m simply storing actual links with data-attributes in the actual markup, and parsing those out in my view’s eventManager. I’m catching click events, looking for those attribute values and instead leveraging a transitionToRoute.

So this puppy is solved. :smile: