TagniFi API App Project

Hello, my name is Chad Sandstedt and I’m with a fintech startup called TagniFi. TagniFi is building a better financial database for investment, research and content applications. To showcase our data and API, we are looking to for a talented developer to help us build an app using ember.js.

We want an exemplar app that we can showcase to potential clients, we want the app to shape our beta API into a production-ready API, and finally we would like to open source the app to be used as a real world example of the TagniFi API.

We are a looking for a passionate developer with the following qualities:

  1. A developer who has had the fortunate experience of using a great web API as well as the unfortunate experience of using a painful web API.

  2. A developer who is passionate about their craft and who strives to push their technical prowess to the next level through constant learning and experimentation.

  3. A developer who has had experience with Ember.js or any other SPA framework. If you don’t have specific Ember.js that is fine. See #2.

  4. A developer that has proven open source experience. Show us your Github profile!

We are based in Tampa, FL but remote work is OK. This is a contract (1099) position specific to this project.

Interested in learning more? Please contact us at jobs@tagnifi.com.