Testing individual components is easy

Hi, I’ve since asked a question on stack oveflow myself about this:

I’d be pretty keen to get the input of @wycats, @tomdale, @trek, @ebryn, @machty on this topic (or anyone else who might have interest in helping users gain traction in this stuff).

I’d be happy to create a documentation patch for unit testing, if that’s the thing to do. (Mostly I’ve just superbalked when it came to looking at submitting patches so far) TBH I didn’t really understand the Huafu post’s response on stack overflow very well and I don’t feel it answered the fundamental question of testing components anyway.

Would it be possible to create tests for each piece of documentation example code? It strikes me that that might be incredibly handy when building one’s own tests (also as a pedagogical tool for just how the thing works), not only that but it’d probably be incredibly insightful as to what it’s like being a consumer of all the APIs that exist (maybe it’s overkill, IDK).

I just realised, the original comment of “testing components is easy” was refererring to testing individual parts of Ember, not Ember.Component objects. I read that wrong when I was doing a search for testing components in Ember in discuss. I should probably break this out into a separate discussion, I guess?

Anyway, today I’m looking at the source. I’m happy to help out by creating documentation if need be. I just need someone with more understanding about the internals of the framework to help show me how I’d go about writing unit testing around a component which has no .js file and also one that does.