Undo Manager implementation

Hello, I use ember with ember data and I am about to implement an undo manager … any ideas, suggestions on aspect of ember and/or ember data that I should leverage? Thanks

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Hi @salzhrani Did anything come of this? I am interested in patterns you found to implement this. The latest ember data seems to have done away with transactions and you can save individual records.


One thought that comes to mind is to implement a mixin that provides the undo functionality to individual model records. Perhaps keep a history buffer of changes and flush on saves or past some arbitrary depth.

For simple models this seems relatively straight forward. Where it gets a little hairy is when you have complex relationships and have to manages undo across multiple related objects.

Anyway, very interested to know if you came up with anything.

Excellent input … and there is also a need of an application level object to orchestrate the undoes and redoes.

I’d love to see an undo manager for Ember. In this thread the focus seems to be on Ember Data. However, it might be nice to make it more generic so it’s not tied to any (Ember) model.