Using Katharsis with ember-data


We’re developing a new backend API, and currently use ember as our front end. For the next version of the API, we’d like to move to the JSON API spec, as it looks like it integrates well with ember-data. Our existing backend is in Java, and the only java library we’ve found for generating JSON API responses is Katharsis.

However, Katharsis deviates from the JSON API spec for almost all of its query parameters. Does Katharsis still work with ember-data? Has anyone here used Katharsis? Are there any companies that use Katharsis? Is there anything to look out for when developing with it?


There are two companies I know of using it in the Denver area. I’ll ask those guys to write here tomorrow US time.


Hey, I’m a front end dev at one of those companies @acorncom mentioned. The only issue we’re working around currently with query parameters is due to Ember disabling computed properties.

This is working for us in an index route:

model(params) {
    let queryParams = { sort: { [params.sortProperty]: params.sortDirection },
                              supplier: params.supplier },
                    page: { offset: params.offset, limit: params.limit } };

    return'product', queryParams);

The biggest issue we’ve had with Katharsis is poor documentation. We were initially implementing endpoints incorrectly, which resulted in all failures being reported as 204 NO CONTENT. Now that we’ve gotten past the learning curve, Katharsis is working well for us.


I’m the other developers @acorncom mentioned. We are currently looking at this. I will let you know what we discover.
Also I just added PR To provide examples on how to do basic Integration Testing with Dropwizard/Katharsis.


Fantastic, good to know there are other companies using it. We’re still deliberating, so any information about using this stack in the “real world” is appreciated. Out of curiousity, did you begin new projects with Katharsis, or update existing systems?