What editor has the best support for EmberJS?


I really like Webstorm but I don’t think it’s the ideal EmberJS IDE. I wonder if there is any IDE which provides some kind of intellisense/code completion. Especially for the getters/setters this would be awesome. Remembering all the members of the objects during a whole working day can be hard sometimes :smiley:


+1 for Vim.

Of course if you’re already a Vim user, you don’t need any more convincing :smile:

NeoBundle 'pangloss/vim-javascript'
NeoBundle 'mustache/vim-mustache-handlebars'

These are my syntax plugins.


So there are many vim users here. Are there any special plugins for supporting EmberJs development? I think a text editor is not really an IDE. Are there any IDEs you can recommend?


For those on Windows, Komodo IDE will not support ES6 until version 10. I installed Atom, plus the linter package + linter-eslint + babel-eslint. Add the .eslintrc from the babel-eslint installation instructions into the project directory.

Once configured, it syntax checks ember’s ES6/2015 on the fly.


You can configure a live template to do this


@IAmJulianAcosta I don’t know what you intended to tell me with this link.

I think Visual Studio Code got an Ember CLI plugin. This sounds promising :smile: More infos are in the following tweet: https://twitter.com/felixrieseberg/status/667006685358198784


Yes, I can verify that this has been fixed in WebStorm 11.


Now there is also a plugin for Intellij IDEs.

I couldn’t install it. Maybe this is due to the old version of my webstorm but I’ll try it as soon as I get it to work :wink:


I’ve already use it for days, it works as promised, but not very very helpful as I expected, maybe I need more experiences on this plugin.


I couldn’t install the plugin but the github repo seems to be very active. So maybe you could contribute to get some helpful features into it :wink: I hope I’ll get the plugin to work asap. I’m still not very happy with the IDE support of EmberJS


For emacs users, there is ember-mode.


For ST3, there is this package installable through the command palette.


For those using atom, there are two language packs I use:

and I wrote this tiny one last week which allows for language-ember-htmlbars to be used within hbs template blocks.


I use WebStorm, have been for 3 years, this is not (has never really) been an issue. You are probably just missing an updated plugin and need to switch the project settings to ES6.


I’m using Atom with some plugins (like language-ember-htmlbars, ember-tabs, linter-jshint), only thing I’m really missing is the quick search like in sublime where searching gives you an immediate preview of a file. With sublime I’m missing the git highlighting.


Hiya @jcbvm, I use GitGutter for Sublime. Works a treat.

People had been complaining that Sublime wasn’t updated enough — recent developments, especially in JS, mean we all want more powerful syntax parsing — but that’s changed now. For my money Atom & Visual Studio Code are opinionated in all the wrong ways, consuming loads of resources up front to do very little out of the box. The novelty of having a code editor UI written in DOM + JS is not enough to sway me.

However I can appreciate the more IDE-like features these provide — intelligent file system hooks etc.

Ember has always seemed to be a very IDE-like framework, so it surprises me that no-one here is championing any clever plugins for Atom or VS Code. I’ve come from using Mithril, a functional MVC framework where everything is passed by reference — with that library everything is incredibly lightweight and transparent and the browser is the IDE: debugging and iterative development are intuitive, fast, simple.

Ember prefers to work on a system of reference by string & file system location which prevents you from doing that. You would think IDE integration would be essential for this — for example, intellisense component & helper suggestions while writing templates, etc. From what I see, the VS & Atom plugins just provide menus for Ember CLI methods.


I used Atom and now I am trying to use Visual Studio code with Ember CLI It is also good. https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=felixrieseberg.vsc-ember-cli


Hi everyone, I’ve been meaning to do some research into this kind of stuff to centralize the information in the same place, but there are other things with more priority. If anyone wants to help out, check this issue on Ember Watch, and ping me in the #topic-emberwatch channel of our Slack group.

For the record, I’ve also been using Visual Studio Code + vsc-ember-cli, but I’m having some problems getting it to recognise decorators properly.


I use Webstorm with the ember.js plugin

Under Settings > Languages & Frameworks > JavaScript, for JavaScript language version I select ECMAScript 6.

I also disable inspections for Import warnings. If I’m on windows, I’ll point the terminal to git-bash. On Mac, just leave as default.


I use and recommend Codelobster with special EmberJS plug-in: http://www.codelobster.com/emberjs.html