Where to keep the properties in below scenario?

Case: I have two components which are upload dialog and progressbar. I have to share list of files to both components.

What I did is: I created a service and injected into both the components and used.

Problem: Once I finished all the process of upload and trying again to upload new files but the service properties are not reset even I destroyed all the components( upload dialog and progressbar ). I tried to destroy the service but it didn’t work out. I know that I shouldn’t use the service for this purpose but I don’t know the alternative.

So, I’m posting here to get the perfect solution.

Thanks in advance!

If this isn’t state you need long lived, you might consider wrapping them with another component that holds the state instead of a service.

{{#x-foo as |list|}}
  {{x-bar files=list}}
  {{x-baz files=list}}

I appreciate your help @jasonmit. But in my case, I should initialise the dialog component by script method(using util) and progress bar component initialisation part would be in application.hbs file. So, how could I implement this block form initialisation? If I cannot destroy the service object then, It would be great if I can get another solution to maintain those global variables in one place and that can be easily destroyable once the task completed.