2015 Ember Community Survey


Thank you to everyone who provided feedback as we prepared the 2015 Ember Community Survey. We are happy to open the survey up to your responses!

Calling all Ember users!

In 2014 Ember.js was a rapidly changing framework. The community and Ember Core Team tackled hard problems, many of which felt self-evident. We struck out in a new direction with Ember-CLI, created a bustling addon ecosystem, completed most of the grunt work on HTMLBars, and made huge strides in Ember-Data and API standardization.

As Ember gains adoption, we should take a moment to check our assumptions about who is using the framework and how. A little reflection on what happens in the wild can keep us honest and focused.

With this aim, I’m pleased to announce the unofficial Ember Community Survey!

Completing the survey should take about ten minutes. We will be accepting submissions until February 20th.

Please help us spread the word by sharing:

on your social network feeds, at meetups, and around your office and other communities.

With your answers (all anonymous), we will create some visuals and write up our insights before EmberConf 2015 (March 3-4th).


Today is the last day of the survey, so if you have yet to respond we would really appreciate you input. Big thanks to everyone who has taken the time to fill it out thus far!