404 error when using JSONApi Adapter


Hello. I need to take data from JSON api. but I cant. Where am I supposed to write the url and how am I call it as a store from the route? I have a model, I wrote the attributes I need in it as DS.attr() , created an adapter “application.js” and wrote

import JSONAPIAdapter from 'ember-data/adapters/json-api';
import Ember from 'ember';

export default JSONAPIAdapter.extend({
    find: function(){
        return Ember.$.getJSON('http://api.donanimhaber.com/api/v1/site/NewsSite?pageIndex=0&pageSize=15');

also I tried to call the store as

import Ember from 'ember';

export default Ember.Route.extend({
        return this.store.findAll('news-list');

Because my model’s name is news-list.

But it doesn’t work. I see a blank page and chrome devTools says

Ember Data Request GET /news-lists returned a 404
    Payload (text/html; charset=utf-8)
    Cannot GET /news-lists

What is wrong here?

Also my index.hbs

{{image-list model=model currentPos=currentPos }}

because I have a component image-list which is

{{#each model as |pic|}}
  <div>{{#link-to "pic" pic}}    
     <p class="info">{{pic.Title}}</p><br/>
     <img src={{pic.Image}} width="300">


I am also facing the same error when accessing the store inside route. What may be the reason for that ? I am using Ember-CLI version 2.7.0.