A component does not cause a template to re-render

Hi there,

I’m still relatively new to Ember. I’m trying to write a reactive template that will re-render when a component updates a model on our controller. The change is successful, but my template does not re-render and the user cannot view the new model state. Here is a fiddle demo-ing the problem. It includes some fixture data - a few User. A User will have a name, email, and a status (pending, approved, rejected).

I’d like to understand what I’m doing wrong, and how to fix it :slight_smile:

Your computed property is dependent on “users” and will only be recomputed when you set users. If you want it to change whenever you change a property on a specific user in the array you need to use @each.

In your case you could also use Ember.computed.filterBy

Thanks again, varblob!

All I had to do was leverage filterBy, like you suggested. Here’s the the updated fiddle for refence: Minimalistic starting point for Ember.js - JSFiddle - Code Playground