About ember 3.16 performance

execute me everybody, we can see the words that performance improvement in ember release blog, but sorry i can not find some link / articles / reports about ember 3.16 (3.x) performance test or benchmark .

could you give me some points ? thanks for all help.

Hi, there. The text “bugfixes, performance improvements, and minor deprecations” is a generic placeholder that the Learning Team has used for recent release announcements (3.16-3.18). You can find specific items under the headers New Features and Deprecations.

Was there something specific about performance that you wanted to learn more, that we can help address?


@ijlee2 thank you for reply.

last week , i see the performance issue in ember 3.x : https://github.com/emberjs/ember.js/issues/18974

Since I upgraded EMBER3 at the beginning of this year, I am very concerned about this topic and hope that the community can locate and solve it as soon as possible. In addition, I would love to know about the 3.x release regarding the changes in performance (including glimmer) and if there are any recommended articles to go further. Thank you

I see. Thanks for sharing the link to the issue; I wasn’t aware of it.

The Learning Team may have someone who can help address your concerns more. I will reach out to them on Discord tomorrow.


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I responded in the issue thread, but wanted to give an update here as well: We have confirmed the overall regression for this use case, and we’re currently working on it. This is definitely not an acceptable regression, and we want to get it fixed. See this comment for more details, and stay tuned!