Add tracks to custom mix playlist

Hi guys, I’m new to ember, I’m trying to make a spotifyish thing on my computer then got stuck (don’t know how to do it :stuck_out_tongue:) at how to add tracks to my custom mix??? I created music player, and can lists track on ember. Currently music player can play tracks one by one or whole albums. Now i want to create custom playlist. Tracks must be add to playlist manually; one by one. Also anyone could listen my playlist. Just stuck how to achieve this functionality moreover i don’t know how to do it. I need methods like add to cart but not exactly add to cart it’s whole different thing i think

What i currently achieved is: Somehow i made it possible to add tracks to mix but it requires to update track details by backend API. So that’s where i confused. I did this all wrong

Sorry, the scope of your question is too broad… Try and be a bit more specific about what your getting stuck with.

Sorry, for not being specific :slight_smile: i just updated