After upgrade to v11, {{input}} value binding doesn't work


Hi there! I wanted to update my Ember CLI version from 0.1.15 to 0.2.3 today. Part of this, of course, came with upgrading to the new HTMLBars rendering engine. However now, I’m seeing some very odd behavior in that my {{input}} helpers are no longer binding to computed properties correctly when passing them to value. Instead, they are being evaluated as strings, even though they don’t contain quotes. For example:

{{input type="text" value=deviceId}}

Literally gets displayed as a text box with a value equal to the string deviceId, not of the actual computed property. The weird thing is, when I use the deprecated valueBinding instead of value like this:

{{input type="text" valueBinding=deviceId}}

It works fine, but throws a deprecation message. I wasn’t able to find anyone else experiencing a similar issue. Would anyone have ideas on what could be the issue?

Many thanks!


I figured out what was going on. I was using ember-easyForm, which overwrites the input helper explicitly. EasyForm does not yet support Ember 1.11, and is known to break {{input}} across the application outside of a {{#form-for}} as described here