Animation support in Ember 1.1

It seems that people are eager to discuss internal view lifecycle hooks as well. Awesome! Let’s move this part of the discussion here: Internal view lifecycle hooks for animation purposes

The original purpose of this thread was to talk about how route animations should be supported. Let’s continue with that here.

Great input. I just had a chat with @krisselden. We talked about letting the router keep its own internal history stack, which should store the animation effects it has performed to get to the current state. When user hits the browser’s back button, we will know which animation to perform by taking the “opposite” effect. Example: Look at The HTML presentation framework | reveal.js. Imagine that the up arrow in the lower right was constructed like `{{linkTo “page” upPage transition=“slideDown”}}. When user clicks the up arrow the next page slides down from the top. When the user hits the back button we know that we performed a slideDown to get there, so we will perform a slideUp to go back.

Thanks a lot for your input. You don’t have to use animated route transitions. You can hook into the upcoming view lifecycle hooks and do it however you want. That’s where we want to go: Giving us the power to manually customize when it’s okay to remove a view.

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