Divining the Future (aka, Roadmap)

Yeah, so I’m spending time today attempting to answer this question: What is the ‘plan’ for animation support as a part of EmberJS core? (More directly, IS animation being looked at in core?)

Yes, there are many posts and projects out there (many I have reviewed) but the motivation behind this query is : what’s the latest on this crucial topic? Not v1.1, beta1.5, etc. The latest? :smile:.

As I type this, Discourse helpfully shows a discussion which, perhaps, will provide the answer.

My requests, humbly, is maybe a RoadMap category or tag could cut down on the seek time for souls like me. Just asking…

Darn, the thread suggested by Discourse did not answer the question. It was too old. :frowning:

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Perhaps it is still to early for a clear roadmap now things like famo.us popup. Interesting to watch on the subject: - YouTube and Lightning Talk: Methods to animate in Ember - Dennis Tel - YouTube

I don’t think animations are on the roadmap for ember core, however ember provides plenty of hooks for cooking your own animations and the most complete project in that space is liquid-fire - https://ef4.github.io/liquid-fire/ .

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Holy crap, this is sweet! Thanks for sharing!

Yep, Agreed.

My point is that the CT (core team) seems silent or preoccupied by other topics.

Animation isn’t an “extra” or “add on” feature these days, IMHO. It is “core” to be successful - pun intended.

Liquid Fire looks very hot, too. :slight_smile:

Yes. For sure.

Keep an eye on Famo.us, they are actually doing something differently in this pace.

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Edward Faulkner (liquid fire’s author) has been heavily involved in Ember for a long time, and I’d consider his approach with liquid fire to be the “Ember way” for animations. There are periodic discussions on github pertaining to the hooks / ideas for future hooks to make sure great animations are possible.

With ES6 modules and ember-cli, liquid-fire becomes a first-class add-on very easily.

That’s really good to know. Thanks!!!

My point is; how could a newer community member possibly know that w/o guys like you helping out. A roadmap that was up to date with terse comments on essential features would be so helpful.

Not necessarily pertaining to animations, but I do agree that a clear roadmap for the entire Ember ecosystem should be available. Although I think it should be something kept on the website. A category tag here for discussion would still be useful.

But yeah, I think it would be great to know that the goal by version X is to have Ember Data finalized, or at version Y ember-cli becomes the first and foremost way to do Ember as reflected in the guides, etc. Its great to know the dream and where things are going.

Granted, it does add another thing for the core team to keep track of, but when the mob screams for blood you open the games :smile:

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liquid-fire is great! Right now we’re working on the low-level primitives required for animating views like being able to pause and resume bindings.


Please use liquid-fire; it’s truly amazing.

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I understand what you are saying, esp. with the Core Team busy as they are.

Still, reaching v 1.0.0 could signal a shift in the project (actually, any project) from a mode of “heads-down” dev to more of a commitment to the community for roadmapping.

Other projects I’ve seen use a special Announcement tag to separate out “project policy” statements from all the other noise.

Not sure what you mean here. 1.0.0 was absolutely a shift from an ever changing API to a stable and supported one that has largely made upgrading through stable versions trivial. That is what a major version means to us.

liquid-fire satisfies all the nearly all the needs that folks have had with regards to animations. Why would we write something else that replaces a well maintained and implemented library?

Yes. agreed.

This thread has drifted a bit.

My original point was that a relative newcomer to the community has no simple, direct place to look for definitively comments on subjects (in this case, animation) and the framework core. For example, your comment/replies are priceless, thank you!

But IMHO they could have more power and greater reach into the community if they were somewhere other than deep into this thread.

I’m actually not complaining, it’s a big, big job to manage communication on an effort as large and ambitious as Ember. I’m just sharing feedback from one who isn’t as “clued in” to the history, as input to the effort to build community.

You asked a direct question about animation support and within a short amount of time received good feedback pointing you to the best of breed solution. Seems to me that this community is doing a wonderful job of helping folks out. :smile:

That being said, I do agree that a bit more information would be nice. There are a number of overarching goals/projects being worked on and hopefully we can get a nice blog post out soon regarding our last core team meeting (where much of this was discussed).

Yep. No question the community helped out a lot. I’m grateful for this site and all the responders and knowledge contained therein.

That’s why I’m here: I love the values and vision that begat EmberJS.

Just saying, for crucial topics (admittedly, I’m using my own subjective definition of that), I think it’s healthy for the community leaders, esp. ones that are, by definition, opinionated, can add tremendous value by stating their view/direction - even if it is “we aren’t sure yet”.