Will ember-animated replace liquid-fire

Can ember-animated replace liquid-fire?

I was asking me the same question this week but didn’t take the time to search about it since I can’t dive into it now. This is what I’ve found: https://github.com/ember-animation/ember-animated/issues/79. So I guess you can replace liquid-fire by ember-animated depending of your usage.

@samselikoff is doing a serie of videos on Ember Map covering this topic. I haven’t watched it yet, but I guess the last one was about doing route transitions animations - probably without liquid-fire.

This part of the app I’m working on was done by another developer and I haven’t touched this code yet, so this is a very naive opinion about the topic.

I believe the intent is to use ember-animated as under-the-hood animation implementation for the new version of liquid-fire. They do some similar things but ember-animated is a lower-level set of abstractions. You can probably use ember-animated to do most-all of what you want but it might be more work than with something like liquid-fire, especially animating across routes and such.

See this note in the liquid-fire changelog. I think @ef4 may have mentioned this in his original ember-animated talk at EmberConf but I can’t remember exactly.

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Yes, @dknutsen is correct. I want to refactor liquid-fire so it uses ember-animated.

ember-animated is only about components. It doesn’t have a concept like app/transitions.js, which is a feature that would stay in liquid-fire.