App.import sequence of different addons

I’ve 2 different addons, say x and y. x depends on y and y depends on ember-bootstrap. x has a style file, under vendor directory, that overrides some bootstrap styles.

How can I ensure that app.import of x run after app.import of ember-bootstrap? At ember 2.3, I don’t know how, but it works correctly. At ember 2.11 bootstrap’s styles are overriding my styles.

By the way, ember install x installs the y dependency via blueprint (addAddonsToProject), y is installing ember-bootstrap via blueprint.

In the Ember-CLI documentation, there’s some information about this.

In one, or both, of your Addons’ package.json, you can add before and after attributes to ensure this addon runs before/after other addons:

"ember-addon": {
  // addon configuration properties
  "configPath": "tests/dummy/config",
  "before": "single-addon",
  "defaultBlueprint": "blueprint-that-isnt-package-name",
  "demoURL": "",
  "after": [

That’s it! Thank you!